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Now days I find myself staring at young men. That’s OK until they notice.I thought you were supposed to know you were getting older when policemen and doctors looked too young. Why am I staring at these guys? Well not because I fancy them or I’m lonely. I’m happily married, I’ll have you know 🙂  No it’s to keep myself upto date with what they are wearing, t shirts in particular.I design them and put them on various websites. I design for women and children too, but I seem to be surrounded by fashionable babies children and women. My conclusion, regaurding mens t’s? There are a lot of deliberatly hard to read slogans, words, in faded out fonts. Then every so often I see something bolder, funny, and rude too. I don’t do rude, well, I have made a womens T design with a mini bra on the apropriate area, but that’s as rude as I get.